hot off the press…

4 Apr

Sheesh-kabobs, I can’t even remember when I blogged last! Soooo much is going on with me and in my life that 1. I’ve been tooooo busy to blog and 2. Even when I’ve had the time to blog, I haven’t been able to narrow it down and decide what to blog about! Ridiculousness, yes. I like to make sure that my posts are about something, or else I would just ramble, as there is plenty to ramble about, but really who wants to read my rambling!? Okkkk, so this is me RAMBLING as I try and decide what to blog about…. hmm ok, got it. COFFEE! Like it, LOVE it, drink it all day, can’t live without it, you get the picture. Personal favorite of mine is the Komodo Dragon blend from Starbucks. I buy the whole beans and grind it fresh each and every time I brew a pot. It is a must! All of the Starbuck’s coffees give pairing suggestions on the packaging. The Komodo Dragon blend says that it goes nicely with cinnamon-dusted french toast and hanging paper lanterns… sigh. Just lovely… Now, I have never actually had mine with french toast, but the suggestion inspired me. I ALWAYS add cinnamon to the coffee grounds before I brew. Try it!

Ok, most of the time I make coffee in the morning, and I habitually run late. I do every single thing at the last minute, including getting out of bed, so it is always a rush. For that reason, I usually just go the ol’ coffee pot route, but every now and then I just want to slow it down and really, REALLY enjoy my coffee! I’m talking french press, y’all! If you don’t own one, go buy one immediately! Like right now! Don’t even finish reading this. It will still be here when you get back.

Sooo, the french press is actually super easy to use. You just put your COARSELY ground coffee in the bottom (I use 1 ‘scoop’ of coffee per 1 cup of water), and add hot hot water (just off the boil). Let it steep, then press… done, and there are really so many advantages!

1. FLAVOR- French pressed coffee is just so much yummier dudes! Tastycakes, fo realz, especially if you drink your coffee black. Drip coffee doesn’t even compare. Pressed java has more body and even a texture. You taste everything you’re supposed to taste. I’m a bit of a coffee snob, but in no way the connoisseur  (ok, I totally spelled that correctly on the first try. I just impressed myself) that I want to be!


2. ZERO ELECTRICITY- No cords, no nonsense.

3. PRETTY- Face it, the press is so much easier on the eyes than that bulky coffee pot sitting on the counter.

4. PRESENTATION- If you’re making coffee for a friend (I haven’t had a friend over for coffee in almost a year, sad face…. I do meet friends for coffee quite often though, happy face) it’s fancier and even a little more fun to use a press.

P.S. I took all the photos in this post the last time I pressed my coffee. I just knew I’d blog about it one day.

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