19 Feb

Meeep, I haven’t blogged in far too long, so long in fact that I have been dreading this, because I have so many options! What to blog about, hmmmm. I think baking! Sooo, the night before Valentines Day my new, and already dear friend, Lindsey came over for our first ever “Bakeapalooza!” Oh me oh my we baked and we baked, and then we baked. On the menu were peanut butter pretzel brownies, puffy hearts with pink icing, dozens and dozens of mini funfetti cupcakes (we used Lindsey’s adorable little cupcake maker for those), AND oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Sugar heaven, my loverlies, is what that means! I have pictures-a-plenty! And recipes too if anyone wants them!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I made ALL of this the day before Valentine’s day, so naturally, a single gal like myself was thinking how much I wished I had someone to do such ridiculous baking for! For now, though, me and my sweet tooth are a-ok on our own! I have to remind myself to be patient constantly, but seriously future husband, look what you have to look forward to! Oooh, and speaking of love love day, I seem to have a secret admirer of sorts. I went out to my car around 11 AM on Vday to find a single red rose in my car’s door handle. No note, no card, no clue, no nothing. Who are you!? At this point, I’ve decided I may never know, but it is probably for the best, because at this point if you were to reveal yourself to me I just might kick  you in the shin! If you had come clean, oh I don’t know, say later THAT DAY I probably would have shared a cupcake, or a brownie, or a cookie, or even a puffy HEART with you!



One Response to “bakeapaloooooooza!”

  1. Mikayla February 28, 2011 at 1:05 am #

    love love the slideshow! promise I’ll make it next time 🙂

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