give me coffee, or give me death!

6 Feb

well today is the last day of my bunny diet, and boy, what a week! It was cold and snowy and all I wanted was coffee! Ok, that’s not all I wanted… chili, soup, hot coco, insert cold weather food here all would have been nice too, but mainly coffee, and I have a confession to make. Today I caved. I had a tall cinnamon dolce latte because it is snowy/rainy/dreary/bleh. I feel funny and jittery. Is this what caffeine does to people who aren’t addicted!? Nuts!

also, this week has taught me that I am a glutton for punishment! Several nights I sat up too late reading recipes! Um, why would I do that to myself!? who knows, but now I have the LONGEST list ever of must-try recipes! Not going to lie, I really wish I had someone to bake for on Love day… ok, that’s enough feeling sorry for myself. Maybe I’ll bake for my friendloves!

here are some pretty pretty snow pics!

my house makes me happy. I think it is different and cute and great!

p.s. word of the week: MEEP! (thanks Jennie Ann Carroll)


2 Responses to “give me coffee, or give me death!”

  1. Mikayla February 10, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

    hi! lovely lovely snow pictures. i could not do wordpress. sooooo 🙂

    • vlbarge February 11, 2011 at 7:29 am #

      whaaaa!? why no wordpress?

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