Fruits and veggies and shopping carts!

1 Feb

Successful first 24 hours of h2o, now on to fruits and veggies fruits and veggies! That’s my oh so loverly shopping cart full of color! Carrots and bell peppers and oranges oh my! Wish me luck as I proceed to eat like a rabbit for 6 days!


ready for the a.m. when I can eat some of that goodnessss! I think for breakfast I will have a yummy yummy grapefruit, make a green smoothie to take to school with me for lunch, maybe some carrots to snack on, and for dinner I think lettuce wrap with spinach and tomatoes and bell peppers and pico. mmm mm

oh and here I am with a baby basket, because the city of Lubbock hears snow, and thinks the world is coming to an end. They all rush to market street to stockpile paper goods, candles, and canned foods! So, for a few minutes, Jennie and I had to wait around for an available shopping cart. How.ridiculous. oooh, is it weird that growing up we didn’t call them baskets, or shopping carts. My mother always called it a buggy and sometimes I still do!


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